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Now *that's* more like it, Miyazaki!

After my disappointment with Porco Rosso (the animation, as usual, was beautiful, but I didn't care for the story - particularly the ending), I was pleased to find Howl's Moving Castle more to my taste. As usual, the imagery blew me away, and this time the story drew me in as well. The movie's quite long (especially compared to Rosso, which I watched twice in one night - once in Japanese, once in English) but I didn't really notice until near the end (when my body was saying "hey, isn't it close to bedtime?"). The English-speaking voices look like they'll be fun, so I'll probably watch it with the English language track another night this week. (I always like to watch Anime in the original Japanese with subtitles. Depending on the English-speaking voices, I may watch it in English as well.)

I think I'm coming down with a cold, so I'll hit it with Nyquil-clone tonight and hit the sack early. Here's hoping I can nip it in the bud! Really don't want to be sick during Spring Break, which starts this Friday for us.
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