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Happy Pi Day

Since mom & dad had nothing in the house to eat (other than some things in the freezer) they decided we'd go out for lupper (we all slept til noon once we got home, so it was 3pm before we got to eat) at Frisch's then go to the grocery. And we picked Frisch's cuz they have nice pie choices. Although we were full after lupper, we ordered the pie to go. Mom and I got coconut cream pie (which turned out to be big ass pieces) and dad got pecan.

When I got back, I cleaned some and eventually mom called around 6:30 - it was time for pie. I returned to their place and we ate our pie and watched TV. A nice denouement to the day's activities. (So, do the day/month/year countries have Pi Day on April 31?)
Tags: food, parents
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