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Little Trina Two Topic

Sheesh, this week I seemed to have only talked about two things - my new phone/PDA/whatsit and the weather. This post is no exception.

The Aftermath

The day after Faux-Blizzard '08 and things are looking pretty good. Before you become all impressed with my L33T shoveling skills, I'll own up to the fact that someone came by my door this morning wanting to know if I wanted my walk & driveway ploughed. Hell yeah! And I had them do the parental units' walk as well.

When I finally did get out this afternoon, the sun had done a great job on getting the snow in hand. I took some photos with both my camera and the phone for comparison purposes. The one thing I notice with the phone is that the sky had a lot more noise in it than my regular photos. (They both take 3 megapixel photos, interestingly enough.) When you shrink the photos down for e-mailing and/or LJ posting, however, the noise isn't noticeable. (The above photo is a phone photo.)

The official measurement out of Dayton International Airport was 13.2" of snow. This came in second to the storm of '04 when we got over 16". #3 was an actual blizzard - '78 with its 12.9". Here's hoping we're done with the big storms this season. (Here's really hoping that the forecast of 40+°F for Friday holds true - don't wanna drive to Cincinnati in snow or ice.)
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