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Blizzard 2008

OK, it probably wasn't an actual blizzard, but it was missing a good chance. At any rate, the snow didn't stop til after 4pm and we got between 10-12 inches here. I haven't been out yet to experience it myself - maybe tomorrow.

I spent most of the day playing with my new toy - downloading games for it. Took me awhile to decide if I wanted Bejeweled or Bejeweled 2, but I finally decided on 2. :-) Also installed, euchre, free cell, sudoku, mah jongg, sokoban, tetris, and Galaga. Most were free, so yay. Still need to put some songs on as potential ringtones.

I'm currently rewatching Porco Rosso (I watched it in Japanese first and when the ending arrived, I was like WTF??? So I'm rewatching with the English soundtrack thinking maybe it'll make more sense. Heh.)

Tomorrow's plans are to do laundry, clean house (heh, we'll see) and maybe grade papers. Perhaps I'll shovel. Should be a good day regardless. :-)
Tags: smartphone, snow, weather
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