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Lemmings - the Next Generation

So, did any of you folks ever play Lemmings? I loved that game and, though I never finished it, I got pretty high up. I even got several of the sequels, though I never liked them as much as the original.

Well, I decided to look to see if there's a Windows Mobile version out there, but was sad to see only Palm OS versions. However, I did discover a couple of neat-o things:

  • A Dynamic HTML version of Lemmings: I'll definitely return here to get my Lemmings fix from time to time.

  • Pingus: an Open Source clone of Lemmings, but with Penguins! It's still in development, but what they have so far is really cute. I love the "chalk" drawings they use to describe the story of the Pingus so far.

Anyhoo, I'll just get back to looking for Winders Mobile games (preferably freebies, heh).

PS: Check out the new icon. From today's Sluggy Freelance. Heh heh heh.
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