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Chili Contest '08

Tonight was the annual Chili Competition that the Fishers put on each year.  There were half the number of folks this year as last, which wound up giving us half the number of chilies as last year.  We had a few out due to conflicting commitments and several out due to illness.  (Mom and dad were in California, for example.)  But despite the smaller numbers, there was plenty of food and fun conversation.

There were only 4 chili soups to try and all of them were good.  I've only been to three of these, and in the first two I managed to vote for the chili that won.  This was not the case this year. Indeed, I couldn't decide between two, but neither of them were the winning chili.  Each year Gary brags that he'll be the one to win (and often recommends that people just not bring any chili, heh).  And to his surprise and delight, he won!  You go guy!  He even posed for a picture with the trophy (and mock applause in the background.)

As is usually the case when I go to one of the gatherings that they put on, I ate too much.  But I don't mind - it was all very good food.  And there was bread and salad and brownies and cookies.  Yummy stuff!  I have a happy (though stuffed) tummy.

Today was spent switching my e-mail over from Pegasus to Thunderbird.  *sniff* I'm going to miss Pegasus, but I need Thunderbird for my upcoming PDA purchase.  If I want to avoid having to install Outlook on my PC, I'm going to need Thunderbird and Lightning along with Birdiesync.  And I like what I see in Thunderbird thus far.  (Well, Firefox is my preferred browser, so no surprise there.)
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