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Webcomics Obsession

I enjoy reading webcomics. When I eat breakfast in the morning, I read e-mail and then webcomics. I have several comics that I read through LJ syndication (including a couple of newspaper comics) too. I've discovered that I like webcomics (at least the ones I read) much more that most comics from our local newspapers. For one thing, they're funnier. :-) For another, you get to "know" the authors more by reading their comics, since many of them communicate with blogs or in forums. So for me, it's no surprise that I like webcomics.

What did surprise me, however, was when I realized that I'm a webcomics' merchandise junkie. When I found myself ordering the two Bunny books, the Station V3 book, The Devil's Panties Men in Kilts (with leaf blower) Calendar, and a fleece plush Bunny all on the same day, I realized it. I enjoy the merchandise almost as much as the webcomics themselves. I have several t-shirts from Devil's Panties, Ctrl+Alt+Del and Sluggy Freelance (with one from Questionable Content coming someday) which are fun to wear and suitably obscure. (However, I have had one person recognize a Sluggy Freelance shirt before.) I think the little stuffed toys from Sluggy, Bunny and Ctrl+Alt+Del are cute and sit nicely beside my computer. And I really enjoy having paper copies of the comics (in addition to the online archives). Heck, for dad's retirement present, I commissioned a PC Weenies comic to be created.

I decided to gather up several of my webcomics merch for a group photo:

(and to think, that's not all of it)

I like supporting the webcomic artists & authors with my custom. It's my small way of saying "Thanks" for the hours of enjoyment that I get from their webcomics. (By hours, I mean hours. I usually go through the entire archive when I discover a new comic that tickles my fancy - Questionable Content being the most recent addition to my repertoire.) It's neat to watch as techniques are honed as the comics progress.

Three of the webcomics I read are written by people I "knew" before I knew their comic work. Station V3 (and the various spin-offs) by axonite, Arthur, King of Time and Space by scarfman, and Special School by kingandy, all acquaintances from various mailing lists. I'm sure they'd all appreciate your viewership - give 'em a looksee.

For a more complete list of the webcomics that I read regularly, you can check out my main LJ page - along the side are links to my favorite webcomics. And I'm always on the look out for more, so feel free to recommend more.
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