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Ice Ice Baby

You know that big storm that's all over the north central and east US?  I'm in the pink band of that, getting lots of freezing rain dumped on me (well, not me, but my house & yard are).  The bad is that ice is icky and road conditions are shite.  The good is that we wound up having no school today.  I'd really like for the freezing rain to switch to snow - snow is much easier to walk on (well, the amounts we get in Ohio) than strict ice.  If we have school tomorrow, I'll have to decide which is less hazardous - walking or driving.  Ever since I broke my arm slipping on the ice in '00, I've been paranoid when there's ice around.

Still, I've been having a great day off.  I received in the mail yesterday my latest eBay purchase - the Dorothy Edwards novel, The Witches and the Grinnygog.  Nickelodeon aired the British miniseries of that book when I was a kid and I loved it.  Still do, in fact.  I got the bug in my head to find the original book, which is currently out of print.  My cursory glance showed prices of $75+ for the book.  Eep!  But there was a sale on eBay for a more reasonably priced book (£4.99).  I bid and won the book - woot! 

Although I started reading the book yesterday (and last night during a bout of insomnia), I read most of it today to finish it just a short while ago.  The book was just as delightful as the miniseries was. There were quite a few characters combined for the miniseries (there are 6 lead children in the book, 4 in the miniseries) but the story, for the most part, was faithfully adapted to the series.  Much of the dialog by the witches was the same in both.  I have a mind to watch the miniseries this evening yet.  Heh. 

So, despite the nasty, icky weather, I've been having a nice day.  Considering I've got 5 billion meetings tomorrow (an exaggeration) I'm rather hoping we get another day off tomorrow.  But I'm not counting on it.  If we get it, it'll be a pleasant surprise. 

(Heh heh - "Herne" is a very appropriate song to be playing right now.)
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