Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

I can has Internets? No, I cannot has!

Well, my home modem is apparently borked. It happened last night and I called Time Warner Ripoff for tech support. The national folks were as helpful as they could be, but when they sent me back to the local folks, I waited on hold for 20+ minutes only to be sent back to national before I'd gotten a full sentence out. The second time around to the local folks was only a 10+ minute hold, but as usual, they couldn't book a specific time to actually come ("any time" during Wednesday, "any time" during Thursday, or set time spans on Friday - I chose 3:30-6PM). I had to go with the set time spans what with having a career and all that jazz. (Though it was tempting to call in "sick" for Wednesday to get it back faster. Still, there's that whole "substitute teacher planning" which would have been necessary. Blech.)

So I decided to spend an evening at Panera at Miller Lane in Dayton (well, not really in Dayton. Or in Vandalia. Or Huber Heights - this is sort of a no man's land). Mmm, Jones cream soda! Broccoli cheddar soup! Some sort of turkey foccacia sammich. I'll see about getting some of my coursework done, getting caught up on my friends' list, and reading my daily webcomics. Tomorrow night? Maybe Night Sky cafe in Troy? Maybe conscript dad's modem to my evil purposes. I haven't decided yet.
Tags: computer
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