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Meme Sweet Meme

After a busy phone day (I spoke with my sister for over an hour today, followed by a nice call to elsaf while she's in hospital and then another longish call to judiang to see how she was faring) I've decided to give my brain a break and do a simple meme which I gakked from bex77.

When you walk in your front door, which room do you enter?
The living room.

Do you have a dishwasher?

Is your living room carpeted or does it have hardwood floors?
Whole house is hardwood floors now except the kitchen & bathroom which are some sort of non-wood flooring - laminate for the kitchen? Linoleum for the bathroom?

Do you keep your kitchen knives on the counter or in a drawer?
On the counter in the block they came with.

House, apartment, duplex or trailer?
House, yay!

How many bedrooms is it?
Theoretically 3, but I made one into my den (where the PC is) and another into my library (where my books are - and where I'm typing this up on my laptop).

Gas stove or electric?
Gas, yay!

Do you have a yard?

What size TV is in the living room?
37" LCD, yay!

Are your plates in the same cupboard as your cups?
Yup. Or else they'd get lonely!

Is there a coffee maker sitting on your kitchen counter?
Nah, I don't like coffee.

What room is your computer in?
The den. My laptop is usually in the library or by the sofa in my living room.

Are there pictures hanging in your living room?
Yup. Lithographs of art by Anneke Wills (Doc7, Doc4, her self portrait, 2 garden pieces). I've also got a TV guide cover of Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher. Some collages of friends & family, too.

Are there any themes found in your home?
The den has lots of Sylvester McCoy & Doctor Who stuff in it. The library's theme is "books, cats, life is sweet." Heh. My bedroom has some nice Inuit art on one half, but the rest of the room is rather random. I guess the house as a whole is Fandom Eclectic. :-)

What kind of laundry detergent do you use?
Tide Free.

Do you use dryer sheets?
No, I use Downey in my main wash.

Do you have any curtains in your home?
Not as many as I should have. I have blinds in most of the windows, but they need curtains too. And my living room curtains are really looking like crap. I'll get 'em sorted out eventually.

What color is your fridge?

Is your house clean?
Rarely. Today is no exception.

What room is the most neglected?
Basement. It needs to be made into an unleaking thing and then made into a game room. :-)

Are the dishes in your sink/dishwasher clean or dirty?
The dishes in my sink are clean & drying. The dishes in my washer are dirty.

How long have you lived in your home?
This February marks year 10, yay!

Where did you live before?
With my parents. Before then for 4 years I rented half of a house in Eaton. Before then, with my parents. :-)

Do you have one of those fluffy toilet lid covers on your toilet?

Do you have a scale anywhere in your house?
I have two. Both in the kitchen. One's for me to step on. The other's for measuring food weight. Both are digital.

How many mirrors are in your house?
2. One in the kitchen, which I like to make faces at. The other, larger one, is in my bedroom and I often forget it's there.

Look up. What do you see?
The ceiling of my library, the old ceiling light (which isn't on), and my reading light (which is on).

Do you have a garage?
Yup. Yay!
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