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I hab a code!

For the first time since my broken arm in 2000, I took sick leave today for myself. Only half a day - I stayed during the periods with my kids, but then was feeling wishy washy enough to go home afterward. I had to get up at quarter 'til 5 this morning to drop mom & dad off at the airport - by the time I returned home, it still wasn't the time I usually get up. So I figured what I needed most was sleep. After fixing a lunch of Mrs Grass's Noodle Soup (my staple "I'm sick" food) I went to bed and slept 4+ hours. With assistance from kitties.

I'll do supper shortly and then probably go to bed. Here's hoping all of the sleep will help me get rid of this cold ASAP. I want to start working on my courses tomorrow evening (classes start this week for my Masters program) so I want to be better in order to make sense when I post. Heh.

Oh, to illustrate just what a wonderful place that I work is, when I told the HS secretaries that I was going to leave early, one of 'em offered to drive me home since she was heading home to lunch. Considering I was thinking "Damn, I should have worn my long underwear this morning!" on my way to work, I took her up on the offer.
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