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Dreaming of the Queen...

Actually, no, the Queen didn't make it to my dream (don't think she ever has and, hell, I've even dreamed G.I. Joe cartoons), but I like that Pet Shop Boys song.

Yesterday (when I was mad... Oh wait, shush about PSB, trina!) morning, I was going to write about the dream I'd had the night before, but I don't have a lot of time in the morning, especially when I hit the snooze button 4 times. So all I could do was read my e-mail and Friends' LJ entries and then get ready for work. So I'll try to remember some of the odder bits.

The dream takes place at Newton (as so many of my dreams seem to) but this one wasn't a teaching anxiety dream. It turns out Newton was playing host to a convention. Not a sci-fi convention. Indeed, I'm not entirely sure what the people who were there had in common. I remember watching Emeril Lagasse on stage in our auditorium. Of course, in the dream, there's no gym floor in the auditorium and the room itself is about 10 times bigger. So Emeril was just a spec on the stage from where I was sitting.

The girls (elsaf and judiang) were staying with me in order to participate in the convention, and we had a room in the school which was across from my classroom. (There is no room across from my classroom in real life, unless you want to count the girl's restroom.) One of the PMEBers (don't remember who, only that she was a PMEBer), who I guess was also at the convention, brought us a giant "M", McDonald's style, that she'd made out of paper. We were to hang it over our room door because, in honor of Emeril being there, we were going to be serving food out of our room.

The second night of the convention was supposed to have Bill Bailey performing (woohoo!) and I had intended to show the girls Black Books (one of my favorite modern British TV comedies -- it has Bill Bailey as a regular). The trouble was, in addition to staying at the school, I was also staying at my parents' house (as you do in dreams) and my multi-region DVD player was at my house. So I needed to get the girls next door in order to show them the series. Things were complicated, however, by Granny staying over at my parents' house (in their bedroom, no less). Can't remember exactly *how* she complicated things, however.

Well, alas, I woke up before we could watch Black Books or see Bill Bailey. That's a real shame because given the two performers, I'd much rather see Bill Bailey on stage than Emeril. (Can't stand his shows - give me Alton Brown or Kathleen Daelemans any day!)

Now, I can see the reasons behind a number of the dream elements. The convention has to do with Gallifrey One which is coming up. The girls were there cuz I often dream of the girls and we love going to conventions and other things together. We're FoodTV regulars, so that sort of explains Emeril (but not completely, as we never watch him together. Iron Chef, yes. Alton Brown, yes.) The McDonald's sign came from an article that gregmce posted in his LJ the other day. Newton School appeared because, as I mentioned earlier, it often stars in my dreams. Granny was there - well, probably just me being guilty that I haven't gone to see Granny lately. Maybe I can rectify that this weekend. Bill Bailey & Black Books? Well, I like 'em both, but haven't really thought about them much lately. So not sure why they showed up.

Dreams are strange, eh? But they can be very entertaining. "But that's OK because I've got my spatula!" (Wonder if anyone gets the quote? Amy will, of course...)
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