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Busy Times over the Holidays

I'll begin by stating ditto what Judi said.

judiang has been picking on me because I haven't been posting enough about the holidays. The fact of the matter is that I'm too zonked by the end of the day to post much of anything. I've been a busy little beaver since Dec 21st, the last day of school.

The food poisoning or whatever it was helped to keep me from overeating throughout the early festivities. Indeed, my first day to eat normally was Thursday the 27th.

Here's a run down of my holiday thus far:

  • Friday Dec 21: Last day of work until 2008!

  • Saturday Dec 22: Amy & Rachel arrive in the evening (I spend most of the day cleaning the house.)

  • Sunday Dec 23: We do some shopping and see The Golden Compass. (Only Rachel and I have read the book thus far)

  • Monday Dec 24: Christmas Eve! I spent some time working on Amy's laptop trying to get it to run at the speed it should. I backed up their files onto my PC so they could at least wipe the laptop if needed (but it might not need it now). Amy & I fixed haystacks (taco salads) for folks for supper and we watched Ocean's 13 and had supper. The girls spent Christmas Eve night with me.

  • Tuesday Dec 25: Christmas! After a difficult night of little sleep, the girls and I headed next door to mom & dad's for Christmas. We first opened our stockings, then had breakfast (I might have those two reversed) and then spent 2 hours opening presents. It was lots of fun! After some resting in the afternoon, we went to dad's sister's house for Christmas with the rest of the Shorts. It was fun to see the little kids enjoying their many presents. :-)

  • Wednesday Dec 26: It was mom's time to play hostess. She made Grandma Anderson's noodles, mashed potatoes, ham (from MarketDay), sweet potatoes, asparagus, and other stuff for dinner. Amy made garlic green beans. I baked some Bob Evans rolls (and due to a miscount, had to pick up some more rolls from Bob Evans) and made a cheeseball (one of two - the other went to the Short's the night before). And then we waited for mom's brothers and their families. As was expected, they were late. Heh. But folks showed, ate, chatted, hugged, etc. It was a very fun day. And we all collapsed when they left.

  • Thursday Dec 27: Our last day with the girls. We spent it playing cards and chatting and eating leftovers. Then I drove everyone to the airport (since they had Wine Time right before it was time to go) and we said buh-bye to the girls and wished them a safe flight.

  • Friday Dec 28: No rest for the wicked - Judi and elsaf were to arrive. Although Elsa got off late, she still made it before I had to leave to pick up Judi. Indeed, as the ditto above states, she didn't arrive in Ohio until after 10pm (she was supposed to arrive at 1pm) AND we had to drive to Columbus to get her. If we'd known her luggage (with presents) wasn't flying with her, we might have just said "Nah..." ;-)

  • Saturday Dec 29: A very full day indeed. Elsa made us French toast & sausage, we went to the airport for Judi's luggage (yay, presents!), we headed to Fairborn for the Bookery and used bookstore (made $3 on some used books I had brought along) and Indian Fud. I had originally planned to take them to the Air Force Museum, but we decided to shop instead. Mall time then time at Bed Bath & Beyond and finally Sweeney Todd. After the movie, I drove us to Clifton Mill for the beautiful Christmas lights. Then back to Troy for a late supper at Ruby Tuesday (we were the last ones there). Back home, we watched the Doctor Who Xmas special and then opened presents. Whew!

  • Sunday Dec 30: Today. I'm exhausted after thinking about yesterday. Today we had French Toast and sausage again. Elsa and I then went to Kohl's where Elsa bought me some nice flannel sheets for my birthday. Then on to Meijer for some more groceries we needed. Finally back home where Elsa cooked up a nice lunch of pineapple chicken rice. Then we put in a new door handle for the den door - thanks to some advice and tools from dad, we were successful with only a little bit of scuffing of the door (that's visible - just barely). Elsa also made us a lovely supper of beer cheese soup and crepe suzettes - yummy! I took some photos of the burning crepes which I hope to post later. We watched Shrek 3 during lunch and Bend it Like Beckham after supper. We also watched A Wish for Wings that Worked (that Judi gave me for Xmas), How the Grinch Stole Christmas (do I really have to say which version?) and Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer. And now I'm zonked.

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