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It's a (TMI) Christmas!

So anyhoo, Friday was our last day of school. And thanks to something I ate during the school day, I wound up having a bout of food poisoning. I was already grumbly in the tummy when I headed for bed, and it got worse from there. I won't go into much more detail, but I'll just say this: It's a Very Very Gassy Christmas!

Anyhoo, I am recuperating quite nicely. The girls (Amy & Rachel) arrived safely last night. We spent a lovely day (well, apart from the TMI above) today. This evening we watched Charade. It's one of mom & dad's favorite movies, and yet Amy & I had never seen it. I found it enjoyable, but A&R pronounced it "silly." Heh, that's probably why I liked it.

BTW, tomorrow's Christmas Eve! Woohoo!
Tags: family, food, sick
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