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Storm Warning, eh?

This morning we were merely under a Storm Watch starting tomorrow morning until Sunday. Now it's a Storm Warning. What was predicted at 4-8" has been upped to 6-8". I ain't going anywhere this weekend!

Alas, mom works. I hope she remembers to take her PJs and some playing cards with her! She should get to work just fine before the snow begins - getting home from it will be another issue. (She's actually been trapped in Troy before due to bad weather. She works in a hospital, so she has to go in regardless.) Isn't it nice of the weather to remind her just why it's nice she's retiring this 31st? :-)

Anyhoo, I shall endeavor to take photos tomorrow. I like snow (it's the freezing rain in the forecast I can do without!) And I intend to work on my Sooper Seekrit Project while watching the snow fall. :-) Will probably wrap presents too. And grade papers. (Well, it has to be done sometime!)

(I just realized, despite my icon, it's not actually Winter yet. Heh.)
Tags: mom, snow
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