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Snow & Shrek & Decorations

To my major surprise, school was closed again today. Although we didn't get as much snow as Wednesday, the roads were awfully bad and weren't going to clear up soon enough to have school. Once again, I'm not complaining!

So I called the parental units and wondered if they wanted me to bring some ravioli for lunch and Shrek 3 for watching. They agreed. They provided the sauce and salad, I provided very yummy frozen ravioli from Market Day. It was an excellent lunch (and easy to prepare). Then we watched Shrek 3, the first time for all of us. (I somehow managed to miss it in the theaters, but I know I'd enjoy it since I loved the first two films.) For my second surprise of the day, I discovered that Eric Idle is in it. I used to be a much better fan and knew when, where, how, to what extent, etc for any of Eric's film & TV roles. And as I suspected, I enjoyed the movie. We all got a good chuckle out of it.

The rest of my day has been finishing up the decorating and getting my pool table down in the basement until after the holidays (it was either it or the piano, and the pool table is a mini one with easily removable legs). BTW, does anyone want a piano? It's free - all you have to do is come and get it! (It might smell of cat pee - that would be from Leo.)

The place isn't overly decorated (heck, there's only one thing I've added in the library - well, two if you include the balsam candle I'm burning) but I think it looks nice. I think I need a nice holiday rug for the spot where my pool table was. Even the blasted piano is decorated.

The kitties think it's great that I put this huge Tree O' Toys up for them. Once again, I've decided to go with home-made ornaments (from my purchase last year from Oriental Trading Co.) and that was a good idea. The bottom of the tree looks like a war zone. But I don't mind - it's fun to see 'em play.

Yay! Lucy's decided to join us. Linus and I are sitting here & cramming for the Critical Thinking final exam. We have until next Thursday to get it done, but I'm going to cram tonight and maybe do it tomorrow morning. And then I can be done with college until mid-January. Yay!
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