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Odds & Ends

Today's Friday - woohoo! And it was a good day. After work, I met up with several co-workers at BW3s (Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck - an Ohio-originated chain). It's become a Friday tradition - usually BeeDubs (as we call it) but sometimes Applebee's or High Marks (a local restaurant/bar). We go, we chat, many drink (not I - I'm there for the conversation & the food), and we all have a blast.

Tonight was no exception. I really enjoy my co-workers. I think our school is lucky to have such a fabulous staff of hard workers who also know how to have fun. Heck, we're such a lovable bunch that folks who've since left our staff still join us on Fridays from time to time. Tonight, for example, the principal who hired me was there, as was his former secretary. Spouses and S/Os are allowed as well, since 2 of the regulars have both spouses as members of the Newton staff. The discussion is always lively and the food isn't half bad either.

On the way to BW's I had to drive through the first real snow of the season (leaving out that early one from November - it doesn't count). There was just a dusting on the ground when I parked in the lot, but by the time I left my friends, the car (and everything else) had half an inch of snow on it. And cuz there's a few nice curvy roads on the way home, plus lots of drifting areas, I drove back at an average speed of about 30mph. (I took Washington, the curviest of the roads, at less than 20mph, and noticed the other few cars on it were going as slow.) But I got home safe & sound and got to wear my snow boots in actual snow. Woohoo!

In other news, I did my preliminary tax review (I'm sorry, but I love doing my taxes on TurboTax and get them in as soon as I can) since we got our W-2s today. Looks like I'm getting a boatload of money back from the feds this year. Yay! (Well, boo! They've had my money all this time and never gave me any interest, the cads!) Will get some back from the state as well. Ought to help pay off my roof debt - yay!

Tomorrow I have a fellow coming over to give me an estimate on painting the exterior of my house & garage. That's a job that needs doing this summer. Actually, it's more of a stain than a paint (or it should be). The group that's doing the estimate is a group of college students who paint houses to help pay for school. Sounds like a good deal to me. Hopefully I can afford their prices.

And also tomorrow, at 10:30am, is my appointment at Curves. Mom and I shall be braving the snow covered roads to attend. It'll be interesting to hear what my measurements are. If you wondering how the Project is going, I can tell you that, thus far, I haven't lost anything. BUT, and this is important, I haven't gained anything yet either. :-)
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