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Although we've had a couple of light snowfalls this season already (by light I mean "gone in sixty seconds), but today we're getting a decent snow. I'd hazard a guess that we have 3 inches thus far and may get a 4th before the snow stops.

So what's that mean for the schoolteacher in a state whose population is getting worse & worse at driving in the snow? NO SCHOOL! I know that judiang's probably rolling her eyes at our closure, but I ain't complaining!

The one sad thing was that I had intended to go to the SOITA Technology Conference this afternoon (no sub, just going after I'm done with kids). But now I'm not sure I want to drive in this weather. Looking at the newscasts this morning - sheesh, people just seem to forget how to drive in bad weather. Wreck after wreck on the interstates. No mention of the surface streets (which is what I'd be driving to get to SOITA).

If I wind up going, it won't be until 11:30am. I'll see how the roads are later. (And I'd have to dig a passage for my car - the snow plow has blocked my driveway in.)

Until then, I'm goofing off and working on Christmas decorations. And watching the kitties try to kill each other. Playfully. (Well, they tell me it's all in fun - sounds painful sometimes!)
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