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One Down, One to Go!

I have just turned in my final project for my Informal Science Learning class. Basically, I turned in a document directing the instructor to my science blog. In addition to the framing article and the Viral vs Bacteriological article, I finished up an entry on Centrifugal Force today. I hope it makes sense to a non-physics person! (Or even to a physics person.) It seemed clear in my brain after writing it, but I'm not sure how it is for other non-me people.

My other class, Critical Thinking, is also winding down. We're in the middle of a debate. I'm in Team B of the debate. And although I was really worried if I'd even be able to come up with arguments when it was my turn to respond, I actually did spot some logic holes with which to exploit! I wrote up my argument this morning and afternoon, but I haven't posted it yet - just waiting on some team members to respond to my suggested rebuttal before I do so. (Will probably post it in the morning.) I wound up with 7 references for the argument! (Thankfully, 3 were suggested by a teammate. But that means I found 4 on my own.) Once we finish the debate, we'll have the final exam. I got a 74% on the midterm - I intend to do better on the final!

December 7th is the last day for our fall semester. Then we have until mid January until the next semester begins. I'm looking forward to the intellectual break. For one thing, I want to simply read in my library for pleasure for awhile. And I have my Sooper Seekrit Project which I'm working on for Christmas.

It feels good to be almost done. :-)
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