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Poll: Science Misconceptions - your opinion requested!

For my Masters class on Informal Science Learning, I have to make an informal science learning "thing" as my final project. I created my science blog for this purpose. Now that I'm working on the final project, I want to make some informal science learning posts to it. And I want to cover science misconceptions. Being physical science-oriented, I'll probably focus on physics and chemistry questions. (However, my first one will be biological, thanks to a question a co-worker asked me recently.)

Since physics is so counter-intuitive, I'll probably single it out more than the others. Still, I'm open for suggestions from you folks. I've created a poll to see what you think about some of my topic ideas. Vote on ones you'd like to see covered, or things that you think OTHER people really need to see covered. And if you have some ideas on what you wish someone would explain to you or to other people, comment on it and I'll see what I can do.

Poll #1098221 Science Misconceptions

Choose some of the following physics misconceptions you might be interested in seeing addressed:

Newton's Third Law - "equal and opposite" - like hell they are!
Newton's Third Law - action occurs first and then the reaction, right?
Newton's Third Law - but if they're equal and opposite, why don't they cancel out?
Newton's First Law - an object in motion really remains in motion? But objects stop if you let them run.
Centrifugal force - what do you mean it doesn't exist?
Suction - what do you mean it doesn't exist?
Theory vs Law - they're just guesses, right?
I've got other things that need 'splainin' and will comment about them

Thank you for voting in this poll. And please tell friends to come and vote in it - the more feedback I can get, the more useful I can make my science blog (which I intend to keep going after this quarter is over).
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