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Lucy believes in good oral hygiene, and so should you!

The fun one can have with a freebie toothbrush and a kitty cat.

If you notice Lucy's green and orange claws, those are courtesy of Soft Paws. She's going from Halloween (the orange and black ones) to Christmas (green/red combo ones) slowly but surely. Linus has 'em too. He's halfway converted to Christmas.

In less happy kitty news, we found out today that Lucy has Feline Cystitis. She was peeing blood over the holiday and I got her in to see the vet today. Turns out she has crystals in her urine. The vet has prescribed an antibiotic for her and she'll return in 2 weeks. I've also decided to give the kitties a gooshy food meal once a day to help keep them hydrated better. (I mix it with water - they both seem to like it.) The nice thing is that some of Lucy's worst symptoms had abated by today, so maybe she's on her way to getting over it on her own. Hopefully the meds and diet change will help get her back to normal.
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