March 10th, 2008


What's Your Ringtone?

One of the nice things about my new phone is that I don't have to buy ringtones anymore, I can make my own from MP3s. So I got to thinking about what ringtones I wanted for my main contacts. judiang was actually online when I started my quest and when I asked which song from my collection she thought should be her ringtone, she chose "Linus and Lucy." Gee, pick a quiet one, why don't you? ;-) Still, I upped the volume on it and it's set as her ringtone. Some folks were easy to pick for, others not so much. I knew that Amy's ringtone had to be a Heart tune, so I picked "Crazy on You." Dad's got the Muppet Show theme. It was another day before I'd decided that mom's should be "The Mississippi Squirrel Revival."

Later I got to thinking, what would I like my ringtone to be for other people? Should I go for something whimsical like the Sesame Street theme, or something that expresses one of my favorite things, like the Pink Panther theme? Or do I pick music from one of my favorite groups like Chumbawamba ("Just Deserts")? My default ringtone I think will be excellent for getting my attention (MacKeel's "Star of the County Down") so maybe I want my ringtone for others to be equally attention grabbing. It's a heady decision when you think about it.

Poll #1152110 What's your Ringtone?

What should be your Ringtone to other people?

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