February 21st, 2008


Snow Pix

Yesterday, during our bootiful floofy snow, I took some photos.  I sent a few along to mom & dad out in California and they enjoyed showing them to their friends.  Heh.  But one of my favorite shots is of the snow collected on some of the neighbor's trees.  Plus a shot which makes the snow look like the fake snow you can buy at Christmas time.

Collapse )

Tonight was Parent/Teacher conferences and, as usual, I had no conferences. After getting a lot of paperwork done (mostly professional development committee stuff) I spent much of the night talking with coworkers. One of the secretaries was also nice enough to drive me home since it had begun snowing (again). Who knows, if the wintry mix shows up like they're predicting, we may have another day off tomorrow. Considering they've been wrong so much this season, I'm not betting on it. :-)

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