September 24th, 2007


Musical Interlude

I have had a Last.FM account since August 15, 2005. In that time, I have "scrobbled"* 9,164 songs. According to Last.FM, that's an average of 12 tracks a day. And really, that's not entirely honest since I don't only use QCD to listen to music. (I have installed a plug-in with QCD which scrobbles my songs.) And I certainly don't always listen to music on my PC. (This doesn't record my iPods or my Roku Soundbridge players.) Also, I don't listen to music every day. But I do listen to it in great spurts.

Now, since I've joined Last.FM, they've made several improvements, including better record keeping on albums. Plus Last.FM and I have had disagreements on titles for music groups. So when you looked at my top 5 artists overall, #2 was "Unknown." This is mostly due to my soundtracks & musicals.

If I went to use Last.FM radio to play my favorite tunes, it would mix regular music along with Christmas music. Unlike one friend I can mention, I don't like to mix my Christmas music listening with my regular music listening.

So today I have decided to clear out my current database from Last.FM. And when Christmas time comes around, I'll either create a second Last.FM account (trinalinXmas or something) or just not use QCD to scrobble my music.

Before I deleted everything, I decided to save all of my current stats. (Yes, I am that sort of person.) And if you're interested, I'll share some of these stats with you.

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*Scrobbling is what Last.FM calls "recording what music you're playing at the time."
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