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A Sciency Weekend!

After last weekend's Food Fest, I've been feeding my brain this weekend.

On Wednesday, I watched the National Geographic Channel for 2 hours. I really should do more of that since I enjoy science documentaries, but usually when I plonk down in front of the set, I watch my DVDs instead. (Yes, some of the DVDs are science documentaries, too.) I was watching the network because we had to write a critical review on either a television program or Internet blog for my Masters class on Informal Science Learning. I decided to do the TV show for a change of pace. (I read Internet stuff daily.)

Thursday evening, the National Museum of the US Air Force (formerly Wright Patterson Air Force Base Museum) was having the first Educator's Night in years (since the museum began, according to one lady who welcomed us to the event). I signed up for it when I first read about it, especially since I knew we had the following day off and figured I could be out "late" at night that Thursday.

The museum usually closes at 5pm, but they stayed opening that evening and at 5:30 we were allowed to look through the museum, collect a large variety of free educational resources (mostly science, math and social studies), and watch several on-going demonstrations on different components of flight (fluid dynamics, microgravity, radios, density, etc.) I grabbed every freebie that I could (except for a packet on social studies) and watched a microgravity demo. At 6pm, they had a free showing of the IMAX movie Roving Mars. I watched that and sat pretty much dead center in the theater. That was neat!

Supper was available from 6-8pm, so after the 45 minute movie, I headed to the cafe for sandwich fixin's, chips and cookies. I love a free meal! I watched other educators around me - most were in groups and not all of them were science and math teachers. (I wondered if the English teachers were bored, if any of them came.) I didn't see any of my coworkers, so I'm guessing I was the only freeloader from Newton. Heh.

After supper, they showed another IMAX movie Deep Sea. This was even more visually stunning than the Mars one. There were some really weird sea creatures there which was cool to see. They had a bit of a preachy moment near the end when they talked about the danger that the reefs are in (boy are they ever!) but it wasn't too cloying to turn people off of being good stewards of the earth.

Although the museum was open until 9pm, I was mostly ready to go after the second movie. I went around to see other demonstrations - there were some neat ones going on. And I avoided the movie-ride they have there, Morphis. It looked like the type of virtual ride that makes me ill. When I was in the gift shop area, I bought a couple of physics toys (of course). And then it was time to go home.

Another assignment that I have for my Informal Science Learning class is to do a case study of a science museum. Since I had Friday off, I asked dad if he wanted to join me on a trip to Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. (Mom worked, or I'd've had her along as well.) Boonshoft isn't completely a science museum, but it's not far away and I figured I'd have some science displays I could check out.

The place was loaded with kids. We weren't the only school that was out that day (basically any school with an OEA associated union was out Friday but went to school Monday) though there were a couple of school buses there. The main section of the museum is a really neat play area. Most of the kids were playing there rather than looking at displays and learning science. Go figure. :-)

Dad and I had a nice time that day and even learned something. Neither of us were aware that the coyote was not an Ohio native. Farmers in the area have been having coyote troubles for years, but the coyote only arrived in Ohio in the early 1900s. So there ya go.

We book ended our day out with food. Lunch was at Indian's Pizza (where we both had leftovers - yum!) and we stopped at Kroger's on the way back for some sushi. There's a newly built Kroger's in Englewood which has a wonderfully upscale deli and a sushi bar, so we stopped there. They have wine tasting (25 cents a taste or $1 for a flight of 5 different wines) which father partook of. He liked the one he tasted enough to get a bottle. They also had cheeses to sample and we both found one we liked and bought that too. In the deli, you can sample the various items and so I sampled some curried cous cous, which I liked, and some Baba Ghanoush, which I liked even more and so bought some. We bought our sushi & other items and returned home.

Today I'm working on my science classes and I have finished my paper for the Critical Reflection of a Television Program. I have copied the paper into my science blog, so if any of you are interested, you can check it out. If you'd looked at the blog back when I first posted about it, you'll notice it looks different now. I found another theme that I like and I think I prefer it to the other one. Alas, it means I no longer have hergrace and judiang on the blog! But I think I'll probably use that photo for a future post when I write about optical illusions. In addition to changing the theme, I have made it so that people can actually comment to posts. So give it a try, comment away! (I can moderate the comments though, bwa ha ha ha!)
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