November 4th, 2006


Jesus Seminar on the Road part deux

Well, the JSOR at Fort Wayne was really good. Bob Miller focused on the "Virgin Birth" story of Jesus while Tom Sheehan worked on the "Ressurection" of Jesus - basically the bookends in Jesus' life. It was the folks' first time to see Tom and mom and I fell in love with his voice. He's a great speaker. Bob's good too, but Tom has a Game Show Host Voice of the best kind. :-)

One thing that I learned from their short talk last night and workshop today is that nothing really surprised me. Much of the scholarship that we have now really goes along with my instinct of the bookends of Jesus' life. But there were some folks whose eyes were opened during the weekend. The pastor from the UU church we frequent also attended. He asked us at lunch today (and also asked Tom at the end of the talk today) "Why bother going to Church?" Now Richard, being a Unitarian Universalist minister, doesn't rely on the Christ aspect of Jesus like some ministers probably do. But still, he was thrown by the scholarship that's out there now.

Last night, we took Richard out for supper at Applebee's. I bought drinks for all but mum (our designated driver). The amaretto sour was very good. The guys got red wines - dad a Cab, Richard Merlot. I had fish & chips - yummy yummy. The drive to the church was fun - we illustrated to Richard how our family drives like we do our calculus - using limits. Sure enough, we missed one road & had to go back to get to it. We arrived at the church just as it was supposed to start, but thanks to Tom having computer troubles, they hadn't actually started yet. Yay!

Breakfast this morning was the Carbohydrate Buffet at the hotel. Love those free hotel buffets - but yeah, they specialize in carbs. No problem for me - I love carbs. :-) We weren't late getting to the church today cuz I navigated. Hee! I bought a couple of books - one for me, one for judiang. Lunch, we headed off in Richard's car and once again, found the place using limits. I don't think Richard will ever drive or ride with us again. Heh. Still, we found Mad Anthony's Brewery and had a wonderful lunch. And were late getting back again. But didn't miss anything once again. Yay us!

The ride home was uneventful and mom stayed awake the whole time. We've no idea if Richard got back OK. When we left the church, he was in consultation with 3 folks and a map. We'll find out tomorrow when we go to the Fall Concert at the UU whether he made it home OK. (He has to preach tomorrow. Pretty bad when the guy who has to preach is the one who asks "Why go to Church?" Heh. Still, it isn't as bad as the one Fellow from Westar who e-mailed everyone on Easter Sunday saying "What do I preach about today????!!!!" Thankfully, he was on the West Coast, so the East Coast folks at least got to give him some advice.)
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