October 25th, 2006


Ducman to the Rescue!

I've lived in my house since Feb 1998. In all that time, I never actually had my ducts cleaned. I have central air (heating & air conditioning using same system), so I've got ducts. And they were filthy. Who you gonna call? Ducman!

I must admit, when I saw Ducman in my phone book (BBB registered) I couldn't resist. The price he quoted me was reasonable (well, as far as I know - $325 was certainly what I'd be willing to pay someone to clean my ducts). So I hired 'em. They came today and did a thorough job, cleaning all my ducts and vents. The kitties were nervous, but towards the end, they no longer hid in the bedroom and just hung out with me in the den.

One of the fellows on the job said it looked like they'd never been cleaned. Heh - so it wasn't just me who was lax on duct cleaning. Still, it'll be nice to not smell dirty ducts whenever my heater comes on. :-)
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