October 22nd, 2006



From time to time, I see friends on my flist recommend songs and/or groups that are currently their most played. Normally, I just play whatever and don't have any that are sticking or that are especially "true" to me at the time. But lately, I've been on a real kick for Kirsty MacColl and Neil Innes.

Neil Innes (whom you may know through his association with the Monty Python troupe - he's Robin's chief musician in Holy Grail, for instance) has been my favorite musician since forever. (Well, since I was a teenager at least.) Back when Amy and I used to go to record collectors conventions, she was buying up all the Heart that an 11/12 year old could afford and I was buying up all the Bonzo Dog Band and other Neil Innes related stuff that a 15/16 year old could afford. Needless to say, we both ended up with a lot of swag. :-)

It was recent purchases of the Re-cycled Vinyl Blues and Sleeper (by GRIMMS) CDs which has re-awakened my love for all things Innes. My favorite solo album of Neil's is How Sweet to be an Idiot, which is contained in the Re-cycled Vinyl Blues CD (in addition to some other tunes). And Sleeper, as I mentioned in an earlier post, had been my own holy grail since I was a teen. I was so pleased to discover it was a wonderful album. Some key GRIMMS songs for replay include "Backbreaker" and "Where Am I Now?"

Kirsty MacColl was introduced to me by a friend in England. He'd sent me the song "Here Comes that Man Again" which is about Internet chatting of the adult nature. Quite funny song. So I ordered her CDs and enjoy her music a lot. Kirsty's songs are usually about a woman being wronged by some bastard - and always with a bit of humor and probably a Latin beat. My current favorite song of hers is "England 2 Columbia Nil." I usually play it twice in a row when I hear it. Heh.

Another tune which I've been fixated on lately include "Just Desserts" by Chumbawamba. It's about a group of protesters who use cream pies in their protests (slapstick anarchists, as the song says). Actually, there's still a number of songs from Chumabawamba that I fixate on. Tis why I enjoy them so much. :-)
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