September 16th, 2006


Keeping up with the Judis

It's not always easy to keep up with judiang in technology. But I always do my best to try. :-) So today I took another step in Keeping up with Judi by getting myself a new flatscreen TV.

I've been doing a good job saving my money lately and decided I'd splurge on a new TV. My old one can go to mom & dad's cottage at the Lake. I researched LCD & Plasma screen TVs because I knew very little about plasma. And it looked like LCD was the way to go. (Less fragile, lighter, similar response time & quality, etc.) So I visited the Evil Empire Club (AKA Sam's Club) and checked out their offerings. They had a 37" Vizio LCD Television for $999.99. Ooooooh! That was even under my price range. The TV is 10" bigger (diagonally) than my old TV. And it's so thin!

Getting it into the car was a breeze - two employees of the store put it in the trunk for me. (I'd measured the box & my trunk already to make sure it would fit.) Getting it out once I got home was a slow (and gentle) process. But I managed it just fine. And now I have a lovely 37" LCD TV in my living room. Lovejoy & Co looked so BIG! The kitties liked it too. They sat and watched Lovejoy with me. (Lucy on the sofa back, Linus in my lap.) I think we're going to enjoy this new piece of technology!