September 10th, 2006

Muppet - One Frog

Here with my hat out...

So, I cut down on my posting, and then when I finally DO post, it's to ask y'all to donate some money!

Last year around this time, I asked for donations for the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Well, I enjoyed the walk so much last year (and had many generous donors) that I'm doing it again this year. You don't have to donate much. Heck, you don't have to donate at all (that's what's so nice about "donate" versus "at gunpoint"). But if you can contribute a little, it will certainly help the cause! To donate, go to this page and you can specify the amount you're able to contribute. (I, for one, like the "other" box - lets you really decide what you can afford.)

Once again, if you can, head on over to this page and send some money along to help fight Leukemia and Lymphoma!