August 12th, 2006


More Home Improvement

I've just realized I haven't taken a photo of my freshly paved driveway yet. So I shan't be able to post that tonight (you lucky so&sos!) But in addition to a new driveway, I also got new outdoor carpet for my front porch & back stoop. The green outdoor carpet was looking pretty manky, so it needed to go. I replaced it with a tan/green/maroon mottled carpet which I rather like. Home Depot did the job (well, contracted the job). And, as often happens, they buggered things up. I explained a few times that I wanted both my front porch and my back stoop done (plus steps). For some reason, that never seemed to compute. When their contracted measuring guy came, I explained to him as well, front AND back. He duly measured and gave them the measurements. When the contracted installers arrived, they only had the directions/measurements/carpet for the front porch. ARGH!

He called Home Depot who later called me to apologize. They were able to book the same fellers to install the next week, which apparently was unusual. The fellers arrived the following week & installed the back stoop. And I've got tons of carpet left over cuz Home Depot are idiots and didn't listen to the contractor when he told them he had enough for the stoop and only needed 5' for the steps. Home Depot = idiots, I'm afraid. Still, the job is done, the cost was reasonable, and my front & back look all the better for it.

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As you can see (for those of you who peeked), a vast improvement. Oh, and if you looked carefully in the back pictures, you probably saw Linus & Lucy looking out the sliding doors. Heh.