July 30th, 2006


Swimming in MN

Yesterday, we did indeed head for Crate & Barrel and the Library. Didn't buy anything at C&B, but the girls spent some time in the library looking for books. The library is a new building and really cool. Very modern. They have a neat Teen section too. I spent most of the time reading more from The Joy Luck Club (which I'd started reading Thursday). They have free wireless in the library too. And lots of PCs around.

On the walk back from the library, we stopped at The Local, the Irish Pub on Nicollet. We had 2 of the Bites for Pints specials. The 5 PK "Wee" Burgers and the corned beef & kraut poppers. The girls had Summit Seasonal beer, Scandia, which they both loved. I had an amaretto sour which I didn't spill. The so-called "Wee" burgers were practically normal sized, so certainly a filling lunch. The corned beef & kraut poppers were pretty neat - they were wrapped in won-ton skins & fried and served with a side of Thousand Island dressing. The lunch was very nice.

Another quick stop at Target, and then we returned home. We vegged until Melissa arrived. She's a friend of the girls who lives in the area. I met her when we were preparing for their wedding. Amy & Rachel then started work on the veggie lasagna. A couple of hours later, we had an excellent supper of lasagna and sour dough baguette with an excellent olive & garlic dipping sauce. We played a game of Euchre, which Rachel & I won with a Come from Behind maneuver. Then Melissa headed back home.

This morning, we actually got up a bit earlier than normal in order to head off to A Baker's Wife's Bakery. Amy had had one of their cinnamon & sugar donuts earlier this week & swore they were the best donuts she'd had thus far in her 8 years in Minnesota. So the plan was to get one to eat there, one to take back home to eat along with scrambled eggs. So we did just that. I agree, they were very good donuts. I also got a creme brulee danish for eating with the eggs. We had to stop at the co-op on the way back from the bakery to get some eggs & sammich fixin's.

Amy made us scrambled eggs & I had my danish with it. Alas, there was precious little creme, but plenty of brulee. Still, it was very good. We then vegged by reading the Sunday paper. When lunchtime arrived, I had a smoked chicken & meunster sammich on croissant. More vegging ensued. But when it was 3pm, we put on our swim suits & coverings and headed off to the pet store (as one does). We didn't have any luck finding a suppliment that Fruvous needs, so we then moved onto Becky & Michelle's apartment, where church was being held this weekend.

Amy & Rachel are members of the St. Paul Mennonite Fellowship, a small congregation that meets at 4pm on Sundays, usually in the basement of a Lutheran church, except in the summer. Becky & Michelle's place is air conditioned, so it was an ideal place to gather. The plan for the evening was games & swimming rather than singing & worship. Well, there was some singing. We began by playing some Encore (not seriously) and sang a bit while we played. Then the girls & I went to the complex pool to swim. No one else was in it at the time, so we enjoyed the pool all to ourselves. The water was warm, so it wasn't as refreshing as it could have been. But it was pleasant all the same.

When we returned to the apartment, we rinsed off in the shower & put on dry clothes. Then it was back to the games. I played TransAmerica for the first time. (I came in second - in terms of losing.) Then Michelle taught us a funny game. We all stood around a table, on which sat a large Hershey chocolate bar, a knife & a fork. We took turns rolling the die and if you rolled a 6, you got to try & use the knife & fork to eat some of the chocolate. Folks kept rolling the die, so the possession of the knife & fork changed often, sometimes JUST when you'd broken off a nice piece of chocolate. We laughed lots & most of us got to have some chocolate. No idea about who wins the game, though I was the last one to get to eat some chocolate. :-)

We headed home before 8pm and ordered some Galactic Pizza. Superheroes deliver the pizza (except when the weather is so fantastically hot like it was tonight) and they use an electric car to do it. We ordered the Mexicali and the Thailander pizzas and a hemp brownie. When the delivery guy left, he made sure to drive by the apartment so we could see the cute little electric car (the Gizmo). It was so cute!

The pizzas were both excellent. And I really liked the Thailander, which had peanut sauce & crushed peanuts on it. When I had my third of the brownie (which was VERY rich - almost like fudge) I had some ice cream & chocolate sauce on it. Yummy.

Alas, tomorrow is my last day with the girls. I'm going to buy them some Indian Fud for lunch, but that's the only thing planned for tomorrow thus far. Oh yeah, and delivering me to the airport is in the cards as well. And now back to watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.