July 28th, 2006


Minnesota Geeking

Heh, after a good start to my July LJ posting, I sort of went off the rails again. Since judiang returned to Chicago, I've just been working during the day, pulling carpet & playing City of Heroes in the evening. The good news is that the living room carpet (which is really 3 rooms worth & a hallway) is now completely up. There are spots which are dark due to Leo, but most of the floor looks gorgeous. (Why they ever covered it with carpet I'll never know!)

Anyhoo, yesterday after work, the folks drove me to Dayton International Airport and I flew to Minneapolis. (There was a layover in Detroit that lasted longer than it should thanks to a big thunderstorm cell, but I got to MN just the same. I thought about elsaf while I was waiting in her city.) Amy met me just outside the airport & drove me home. Rachel was already in bed (she had to work a little this morning) when we arrived, but she said "Hi!" and "Welcome" to me all the same. Fruvous (two dots over the first u) was not happy to see me, but he is a grumpy cat. Amy stayed up some to chat and then we both buggered off to bed.

I was still wired from the Coca Cola I'd had at lunch (not a caffeine person) when dad & I treated John, the county tech guy, to pizza at Al's Pizza. So I lay there listening to Sleepers, the third album by GRIMMS. For 20 years or so I've been trying to get my hands on that album. I've been a Neil Innes fan for a LONG time and this had always been the Holy Grail of my record collection. Even when I became independently wealthy and scoured eBay, it always elluded my grasp. I'd think "OK, I'll bid up to $40" when one would come up. It would go for more. Then I'd think on another one "OK, $50 this time!" and it would go for more. But thankfully, the album is now on CD! Yay! So I ordered it from amazon.co.uk and it arrived this week. I put it on my iPod and now I've listened to it. It's quite good. Worth the wait? Haven't decided yet. I'm just glad I have it now. :-)

I didn't sleep well last night (thanks caffeine) and got up when Rachel did. She headed off to work while Amy made me breakfast. Scrambled eggs with garlic, Swiss chard, torpedo onion tops, and a little mozarella. Home fries with torpedo onion bottoms, garlic, chard stalks and seasonings. Toast with an assortment of preserves. Juice and milk. Yum! Amy's quite the gourmet.

The plan for today is to shop for wireless equipment (my belated birthday gift to the girls) and then do a stint in Ikea (my first time!) so I can look for furniture.