July 17th, 2006


News Flash: Geeks love Panera Bread!

We left the hotel at 9:30 this morning and arrived in Findlay around 11am. Just in time for an early lunch at Panera Bread! Nevermind the fact that I had perused the 'net this morning looking for Paneras along the route. Or the fact that I changed my route just to arrive here midway through the trip.

But we are here, having a nice lunch of the Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken Salad & soup. Plus a bottle of Jones Cream Soda (with kitty cats on the wrapper) and a chocolate cookie for me. judiang insisted that we get my laptop out cuz there's free Wi-Fi at this Panera. (It wasn't until I was searching last night that I discovered some Paneras don't have wi-fi! The horror!)

Anyhoo, it's almost time to eat my cookie (before Judi eats it instead). We'll be back at the lake in another hour or hour & a half.
Lake - cat

The Lake Cat

Today, judiang and I saw the Lake Cat. He (or she) is a little cat who seems to be quite at home by the lakeside. Judi tried to get him some water, but he shunned the little dish and instead drank from the Lake. He was enjoying sunning himself on the dock, so of course we took pictures. And then I decided to make one into another Lazing at the Lake icon.