July 16th, 2006


Too Fat to Ride

judiang and I are currently holed up in a Microtel in Huron, OH where the cable doesn't work but the wi-fi does. Go geeks!

We got up early this morning (well, 7am for me, 7:40am for Judi) and got ready for our trip to Cedar Point. We had purchased tickets from AAA yesterday after visiting the kitties. So I drove oop north to Sandusky. (Interesting note, Upper Sandusky is south of Sandusky in Ohio. Ohio sure is weird!) We arrived there an hour after opening time (11am for us) and immediately headed for Millennium Force. We'd ridden that ride a few years ago and had to wait 1.5 hours for it. We decided it was worth the wait. This morning, with the Sunday Light Crowds, it was only half an hour. But when I got there, I couldn't buckle the seat belt! Gah, I knew I was heavier, but surely not too heavy to fit? Alas, I was. Still, Judi the petite-r than me got to ride and she enjoyed it.

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We rode the Sky Ride back to the front of the park and then headed for the exit. It was a good day at the park (with a few glitches). We found the hotel OK and are, as I wrote at the start, enjoying the nice air-conditioned room and chatting with elsaf on AIM. Ain't technology grand?