July 15th, 2006


Baby Kitties!

Perhaps the most important thing that Leo taught me during his short lifespan is that I need to have kitty cats in my life. My cousin's sister has 4 little kitties who need good homes and I hope to take two of those kitties into my home. Today, judiang and I got to meet the little kitties. And one of the little girls (there's 3 girls & 1 boy) came over to greet me almost as soon as she left their carrier.

Here's me and the baby kitty. I think we get along well.

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In addition to the little beauty in those photos, I'll be taking her little brother as well. I'm hoping that 2 kitties will be able to keep each other entertained while I'm at work and when I go on trips. Judi did her best in trying to take pictures of the kitties, but let's face it, taking photos of kitties is like trying to take photos of the wind. The kitties, BTW, should become part of my household in early August. (Hoping to get my floor in reasonable shape before I take in the kitties.)