July 2nd, 2006


Judi's Pool for the win!

When discussing our time sharing that we do, elsaf, judiang and I have decided that Judi's pool beats out the relaxing lake cottage that I have or the double dose of dogs that Elsa has. We wound up there twice today. And probably will be back again tomorrow. Judi's pool rocks. And the oddest thing? Nobody seems to know it's there except us!

So, this morning, after being rudely awakened by a some alarm whose battery was going dead, I got up around 9am. We puttered about waiting for Judi to wake up, and then headed off to Chinatown for Dim Sum. Mmmmmm! We love Three Happiness. Always good Dim Sum. 60 seconds after sitting down, we were snarfing up lovely delicacies. What they were, who knows? But they were tasty and plentiful.

We waddled back to the train station, stopped at Jewel for ingredients for lamb curry (which Judi will make while Elsa teaches) and then rested a bit in the apartment. But soon it was time for the pool. We spent nearly an hour in the water, enjoying the cool water. The wind was down from yesterday, but it was a bit chillier and overcast. Every so often it would sprinkle, but we figured we were wet already, so who cared if it sprinkled. We snoozed in the lounge chairs to dry a bit before we headed back to the apartment.

I installed Nero onto Judi's computer (one of the pieces of software she'd bought at Target yesterday) and then Elsa and I created a DVD to test it out. Elsa showed me how Nero 7 can do animated backgrounds for the menus. Pretty cool. While it was transcoding, we headed off to Taste for supper. A short cab ride later and we were pushing our way through the crowds (more than yesterday) to get to various eateries. I would up using more than 3 strips worth today. But that's because I wound up getting some non-taste portions. And cuz I'm a greedy pig. Elsa wound up with the most tickets left over. And here's the things I tried today:

  • Dolmeh (baked grape leaves stuffed with vegetables, nuts, legumes, and herbs) from Pars Cove Persian Cuisine

  • Enchilada from La Justicia

  • Toasted cheese ravioli from Bella Luna Cafe

  • Collared green egg rolls from C'est Si Bon

  • Sweet potato biscuit from C'est Si Bon

  • Cannoli from Pompei

  • Saganaki (fried cheese) from Atrium

  • Deep dish cheese pizza from Connie's Pizza

  • Blueberries and chocolate bread pudding with caramel sauce from Cyrano's Bistrot

'Twas all yummy and I'm still full! We think we'll go see Al Gore's movie tomorrow, and for sure we're going to see the fireworks tomorrow. So YAY! Here's hoping folks are having even half as much fun as we are. And if you are, well then we're having twice as much fun as you. ;-)