June 28th, 2006



When we had a Make-It Take-It workshop on KDE server & squidGuard, the instructor informed us that it would run on almost anything. So dad and I brought "anything" along. Well, we got it to work, but it was the slowest machine in the room. Thankfully, all of the other techs were slow typists, so I was able to catch up to them.

Today, I'm at a Make-It Take-It Moodle workshop. Moodle is NOT a mispelling of noodle, as elsaf keeps implying. Though a noodle workshop would be fun, I already learned how to make pici at another class, so I don't really need to know how to make noodles.

The computer that I brought along to "Make-It" on is a 533MHz machine with 256MB of RAM. Basically the low end of the Fedora Core 5 specs. The machines in the room (that people could use if they opted not to bring their own) are 2.4GHz. Needless to say, mine is still installing the software whereas those folks who haven't had CD-ROM drive errors (there are a few of those, alas) are finished. No matter, thanks to the machines which are having CD-ROM errors are also still installing. And hopefully (cross fingers & knock wood) I won't wind up having a CD-ROM error.

Supposedly 15 minutes to go on the install. And then, I'll have a nice Linux Box. Or I'll have to start all over again.

ETA: It worked! I've just added this ETA from the Linux Box. Yay!