June 23rd, 2006

Leo Power

Home Again - and it's rather empty

Well, I got home by 6pm and brought supper to mom & dad (Penn Station - yummy sammiches). After supper, though, I returned home. It wasn't easy - no kitty waiting for me at the back door. :-(

Tonight I'm going to play my video game and read in the reading room in our chair and remember doing these things with Leo. He's going to be missed, but I'm going to remember the wonderful times I had with him.

Thank you, friend's list, for your kind comments in my last post. Your kind words, and the kind words & hugs from my co-workers at B-WISER have really helped me. I wish I could have been with Leo, but having the folks with him near the end is the next best thing.

When I'm a bit more rested from the trip, I've got a tale to tell you all about our last evening at B-WISER. Let's just say that our Wednesday night Lightning Storm had NOTHING on what transpired last evening.
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