June 18th, 2006


B-WISER 2006

Another year, another science camp! Today marks the beginning of B-WISER, the 7th grade girls' science camp held at the College of Wooster. The teachers and counselors have arrived (all except for my roomie) and the girls will be arriving soon.

We're in another dorm this year. The first year that B-WISER's not dormed in Douglas Hall for, like, ever. They're remodeling that hall this summer, I believe, which is why we're in Kenarden this year instead. The rooms are smaller than what we had in Douglas, but they're not intolerable. And with the windows and door open, we're getting a bit of a breeze (thanks, in part, to my fan). So hopefully it won't be too hot to sleep in.

I drove here a different way than usual. Decided to avoid going south to go north and decided to take I-75 all the way up to US Rt 30, then head East. It was a pleasant enough drive. Most of US 30 is a freeway, which makes for easy moving. I did get pulled over on the way here. Whoops! No, I wasn't speeding, but I didn't pull into the left lane when I passed by a cop car with its lights on. I was thinking "I wonder if I should pull over to the left" and sure enough, he pulled me over to tell me that. 'Tis only a warning, but it's one I should remember for awhile.

Anyhoo, my roomie's still not here, but I'm getting hungry. I might have to get a snack from the vending machine while I wait.

I should have more to post later, including photos of our smaller room.
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