June 4th, 2006


The Weekend

This must be my spendy weekend. Yesterday, I went to the shops around WSU - first to my comic book store, then for Indian Fud, next to the Evil Puppy Mall, and finally to Gander Mountain, an outdoorsy sporting goods store in Huber Heights. I bought magazines, Chaco sandals, a watch, a billfold, and 2 pairs of FoxRiver Socks. A fine day out! Alas, I wound up forgetting to go to the Fishers for their Lousiana Boil. Bummer.

This morning, I got up at five til four am - gah! I drove mom & dad to the airport so they could fly to California for a week-long series of workshops through Westar. I received a call from them a bit ago - they made it successfully. Yay!

But anyhoo, after I dropped them off, I came home & went back to bed. When I finally did get moving, I headed off to Troy for the Strawberry Festival. I stood in like for 35 minutes for strawberry donuts (yum!), then I bought 2 CDs from a Native American flute group that was performing near the long donut line. Next was a lemonade shake up - yum! Lunch was BBQ chicken, and dessert was this super-sweet & bizarre concoction called a Strawberry Dough Ball. Basically, it was a Krispy Kreme donut, split in two like a hamburger bun, with whipped cream between the slices, strawberry pie filling on top and topped with more whipped cream. Very sweet, but hey, it was different! :-)

I left the Strawberry Festival and did a run at the pet store and Staples, getting an automatic cat feeder for Leo (plus food & litter) and some double layer DVDs for me. I'll leave you to figure which store I got which things at.

I finished my day out at Walmart where they repaired my glasses for free. Yay!

I've been goofing off at home ever since. Tomorrow's the last day of school for teachers. Then I'm going to take Tuesday off. But then it's back to work on Wednesday. Loads of computer things to do this summer!