May 31st, 2006


A Comparison of Days

Yesterday morning, I got up at 5am and woke up judiang in the next half hour. She had a 6:55am flight back to Chicago (gah!), so we headed out to the airport. We arrived at United's desks at 6:27am. And they wouldn't let her get a boarding pass. They cited the 30 minute rule for not giving up her boarding pass (and did the same to an irate businessman). So Judi was forced to go on standby for the next flight out. Yuck!

(Oh, Judi, MJ says that it's quite possible that UA had already given up your seat to someone else because they always overbook. Her hubby's had that happen to him several times - they use the 30 minute excuse because they can. Blech. Dirty rotters!)

I would have stayed or driven Judi back or something, except that I had to get to work. I had promised MJ, the senior class adviser (and HS secretary - one and the same), that I'd be a chaperon for her on the senior field trip to King's Island (an Amusement Park in Southern Ohio). Yeah, difficult work to get, no?

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After ice cream, it was time for the park to close. So we all met up front and took several pictures of the seniors in front of the fountains and Eiffel tower. They even got me in a couple - yuk! Anyhoo, we all headed off to the bus for an uneventful ride home. It was a truly good day.

And while I was having all this fun (hot & shitty fun, but still fun), where was Judi? Still at the airport! Gah!

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In the end, she did get home - yay! And she got home around the same time that I did! Eeep! Poor Judi!

Apart from Judi's horrible trip home, I think she had a nice weekend with me and elsaf. I know that I loved having them here again! And it'll be great seeing them in Chicago for the 4th of July! And grief, I hope I don't have to wait a day at Dayton International to get there!