May 16th, 2006

Zero Imperative

Sony's new DVD technology...

OK, so today my restore disc was supposed to arrive from Sony. I get home and find not one, but two boxes outside my door. An itty bitty box and a large box. So, of course, I figure the itty bitty box has the DVD. Heh, I figured wrong.

Collapse )

So, I think maybe they're just into over packaging. However, it was rather heavy. Could there be a manual with it? I opened the big box to find a slightly smaller box inside of it. And it's not really the shape one expects DVDs or even DVDs and manuals to be in.

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Well, I opened that box to find something I just didn't recognize. Collapse )

I had to laugh. Sure, I'm upset that I can't fix my computer today, but to be sent a picture tube rather than a DVD... Collapse )

So I called Sony and talked with a very nice service lady. She's sending FedEx to the school tomorrow to pick up the picture tube and overnighting me another attempt at the DVD. Plus she's returning me some of my money since it didn't wind up being overnighted originally. Here's hoping it arrives ASAP!

(Oh, the itty bitty box was a new barcode scanner. Yay me!)