March 30th, 2006


Celebrity Dreaming

It's official. I've been watching too much Bewitched.

Now, the number of celebrities who have appeared in my dreams are few. And mostly Doctor Who or Tomorrow People related. But last night, Elizabeth Montgomery showed up. And in an unusual manner.

See, what happened was that Sylvester McCoy was filming an episode of Doctor Who. (I think it was being filmed in the US - in a big office building). As he's racing out of the door of the office building during a scene take, he collides with a blonde lady coming into the building while wearing a trechcoat (and little else - I wonder what that says about my thought processes???) Anyhoo, the woman turns out to be Elizabeth Montgomery on the run from evil producers wanting her to film a nude scene she doesn't want to film. But Sylv is more than happy to help her escape from the evil producers. (I wonder what THAT says about my thought proecesses?)

There was a scene that took place in a boat too - probably during the escape sequence. But I must admit, the dream was pretty bizarre, even for my standards!

Bangers & Mash

elsaf and I left Detroit this morning at 8:41am and drove to Chi town. Like we've been doing, she drove the city bits (start & end of trip) and I drove the straight bit in the middle. A stop at Taco Hell for lunch and a couple of restroom breaks weren't enough to slow us down too much. We wound up at judiang's ahead of schedule (arrived 1:15pm local time). Yay us! We didn't take any wrong turns or missed turns - we rock!

After decompressing for a bit, we walked with Judi to Howie's, a nearby coffee shop. She had lunch while Elsa & I had muffins (mmmm, chocolate & cheesecake muffin!) Back to the Grant Hotel (heh) where we played around a bit while Judi napped. (Poor dear - she actually worked today!)

When suppertime arrived, we headed off to the South Loop Local, aka Grace O'Malley's. I bought drinks (amaretto sours for me & Judi, diet Coke for our designated walker, Elsa). We all had Guinness & Irish Cheddar soup for starters & then moved onto pub grub. Elsa had shepherd's pie (peppered with actual shepherd on top). Judi and I had bangers & mash (mine without the sauteed 'shrooms, thankyouverymuch). It was yummy!

Now we're back at the ranch, Elsa watching tonight's Smallville (taped on Judi's DVR), me typing this, Judi doing - well, not sure. Anyhoo, it was a fun day and we've got a fun weekend planned. I love hanging out with my friends!