March 26th, 2006


Goofing Off

I had intended to do more useful stuff around the house things this weekend. But you know, it's Spring Break, so goofing off has been my priority. And my main goofing off point has been playing City of Heroes. Yesterday, I did two Task Forces (which are big long-ass missions that you do with multiple players) with two of my heroes and got a lot of badges for my BadgeWhore, Icy Hot Man. Today, I've mostly been working on my MP3 database/tags. I hope to have the correct album art and song release dates for each of my MP3s. I have over 30GB of MP3s from my music collection.

I've noticed that I love having catalogs of my collections. I think it's the anal in me. But I have a database of my MP3s (thanks to MediaMonkey), a database of my DVDs (thanks to DVD Profiler), and even (the start of) a database of my books. I still don't really understand why I like having catalogs of my stuff, but I live with it. :-)