March 21st, 2006



So, what's this I hear about it being Sping? All the snow on the ground says otherwise. In fact, they wound up having an early dismissal for the students today due to promised inclement weather (it did look pretty bad for awhile there). But then the weathermen were wrong in their estimates. By the time students were dismissed, the roads were already clearing. The weathermen have barely been right all season regarding snow. But hopefully, today will be the last of our winter weather. :-)

Teachers were allowed to go early too, but I had a 2:30 appointment in Troy that I had to go to, so I worked on chemistry quarter exams and stuff until I drove off to Troy for the meeting. The nice thing about being in Troy was getting to stop & pick up season 3 of Bewitched, just out today. :-) Watching it now.
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