February 27th, 2006


Digital Cable

I think I may finally have made my final step into the 21st century. After getting a cell phone and a laptop, I have now subscribed to digital cable. In a way, I find it rather hilarious to have signed up for something that I probably won't watch a lot of. However, it's only about $5 more than the exorbitant fee I'm already paying for regular cable, so I think it'll be worth it. Of course, the first channel that I switched to was BBC America. Yay! And what's playing? At Home with the Braithwaites - Peter Davison, yay!

(Well, I lie, I found the game show network first, but they had commercials playing, so then I searched further down and found BBCA.)

Dunno if this will get me watching "live" TV again or not. Perhaps with my laptop & BBCA, I'll just have the bestest time in the living room. :-)
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