February 23rd, 2006

Olympics Junkie

The Battle of the Addictions

Well, there's not too many days left of the 2006 Winter Olympics. So sad! But one good thing about the end of the Olympics will be returning to my other addiction, City of Heroes/Villains. :-)

Even though the Olympics have been winning out over everything (except work and picking mom up from the airport), I have been able to be on my laptop during much of it since Friday. This has allowed me to do other things. Like work on my City of Heroes related sites.

My two main characters, Icy Hot Man (level 50 hero) and Jack Dodger (level 40 villain) are both badge collectors. So one site that I frequent is City Information Terminal. With this site, I keep track of how many badges these two characters have collected. Icy currently has 168 out of 234 badges, while Jack has 77 out of 220. If you click on those links, you can even see all of the badges they've gotten. (Unfortunately they put the badges I don't have first, rather than the ones I do have. I'd kind of prefer to have the bragging rights first, then look at what I've got to do next second. Heh.)

Another CoX related site that I've been working with is City Game Tracker. This could actually be rather useful (and judiang needs to install the program too) because it shows when I'm actually on and playing.

So, if you want to know if I'm with my other addiction or not, you can check that image out. (Actually, I think I'll put one of the smaller images in the sidebar of my journal, just for grins.) When I am playing, it'll say which hero/villain I'm currently playing, too. :-) Eventually, all of my heroes/villains will be registered with this program. And I'll create little icons for each of 'em. Heh. To see who's registered already, click here.

I'll probably play around more with my screenshots from the game while watching the Olympic Games. My goal is to eventually create a page devoted to my little heroes & villains. :-)