January 31st, 2006


Sotto Voce

As happens once or twice a school year, I have lost my voice. I started getting (what I hope is) a mild cold last night, and this morning, no voice. I don't feel bad at all, just can't talk. Oh, I can talk a little - we're not looking at Trina the Mute, but it ain't pretty. One student likened it to a frog. I think that might even be an insult to frogs. Heh.

I'm hoping the voice is better tomorrow - I moved today's Physics notes to tomorrow with that hope in mind. If not, I'll make a game of Charades of it. I'm sure the students will enjoy guessing my mimery of Newton's Law of Cooling & the Greenhouse Effect. Heh.

Anyhoo, as my self-prescribed medication, I've taken some Nyquil & I shall be quietly playing my video game for awhile. And I'll even try to get to bed early & all that jazz.
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