January 13th, 2006


En Enero Hace Frio?

There's a rumor going around that it's January, but I'm not believing it. The other day, I walked home in the rain. Yesterday, it was almost 60°F and my lawn boy got a lot of work done on the shrubs in my yard. This morning? Thunderstorms.

This is Ohio, not Florida!

The rest of the month is currently forecast for temperatures in the 40s during the day. Good grief! Where's my cold weather? Where's my snow? What does this foretell for February? Will we have to have snow in April to make up for the loss of snow in January? I guess time will tell!

(The title of this post, btw, is from a poem we had to memorize in Spanish when I was in school. I only remember the first stanza. "En Enero, hace frio/En Febrero, tambien." This means, in January it's cold, in February, likewise. Must be some new definition of cold. :-)
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